"Tea Plant Molecular Genetics and Evolutionary Genomics Research Team” is an international research team introduced by State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization, headed by Professor Jeffrey Bennetzen (a member of  American Academy of Sciencesand a high-level expert of national "Thousand Foreign talents Program") in Anhui Agricultural University (AAU), China. The team focuses on research that investigates tea plant molecular genetic diversity, comparative genomics, and the relations between quality traits and molecular markers in tea plants. The team targets to publish high quality research papers in journals with impact factor 8 or higher. The AAU provides competitive salary plus free housing for qualified core team members. Currently, the team is opening 3 research positions at professor or scientist level. The positions are contracted initially for three years and possible extension for another two years, based on annual evaluation. After the contracted years, the applicants can be transferred to permanent positions in AAU. Candidates from China and abroad with qualifications are encouraged to apply. The earliest starting date is the beginning of March 2016.

I. Positions and Requirements

1. Position I:  chair professor

a.      Excellent background knowledge and research experience of plant genomics, plant molecular genetics, and bioinformatics, remarkable records of published paper in Science Citation Index (SCI) journals, an international perspective and a good mastery of the forefront of the concerned disciplines, deep attainments and good ability to organize the related disciplines to apply national major projects, and a considerable academic reputation world-wide;

b.      Must have doctoral degree from outstanding universities or scientific research institutions, and also have rich research experience, and management  skills;

c.       Must have strong English communication and writing skills;

d.      Good at a strong sense of teamwork, professionalism and dedication, generally aged under 45.

e.      The salary will be in the range of 200,000—300,000 RMB per year plus free housing in an apartment of 110 square meters.

2.Two positions of research scientist

a.      Both positions are for applicants who already obtained PhD. One position (Position II) needs a good research background in evolutionary biology and bioinformatics, good at bioinformatics using at least one of these computer language Python, Perl, Java, C + + or C. Another position (Position III) needs a good research background in plant secondary metabolism, plant genetics and molecular biology, and good ability to work in laboratories.

b.      Both positions require the applicants to work independently and also as a good team-player;

c.       Have high quality SCI papers published in the areas mentioned above;

d.      Good English skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading;

e.      Priority will give to candidates who have post-doctoral research experience in the United States or European counties;

f.        The salary will be in the range of 100,000—300,000 RMB per year based on experience plus free housing in an apartment of 90 square meters.

II. Recruitment Procedure

1. Application materials

a.      Applicant should clearly state which position is applying for;

b.      Curriculum vitae (including education history, work experience, academic performance, address, zip code, telephone number and E-mail address);

c.       Copies of related degree and qualification certificates;

d.      Scanned copies of the first page of each paper published;

e.      Two recommendation letters from experts (professors or associate professors) from original training or research University/institute with their information of department, positions, email, telephone /fax number, and mailing address;

f.        Other information regarding awards or work experience;

g.      All information should be in English or both English and China.

2. Examination of qualification

AAU examination group, in accordance with AAU provisions about the qualifications and relevant management measures of talents introduction, shall review candidate’s qualifications. Once both AAU examination group and professor Jeffrey Bennetzen are considered as qualified, an email will be sent to inform the candidate for an interview.

3. Interview

Qualified candidates will have 15 minutes time to slides presentation, including their work plans, work objectives and implementation measures, and additional 10 minutes for candidates to answer questions from experts, including questions from Prof. Jeffrey Bennetzen in person or by internet.

4.Closing date 

The positions are open until filled.

III. Contact

Submit your application materials the following emails with email subject “Bennetzen AAU team position # ---applicant “name”. Please replace the # with position number I , or II, or III , and replace “name” with your name. The materials should start with a signed cover letter and then the required materials in order.

Jeffrey Bennetzen: maize@uga.edu

Dequan Zhu: 86-551-65786065, zhudequan@ahau.edu.cn

Chaoling Wei: 86-551-65786765, weichl@ahau.edu.cn or weichaoling0551@ 163.com

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