From August 6 to 7, 2015, “Chinese bridge-German Middle school students summer camp” visited AHAU, and joined in the theme tea culture activities name “Refreshing the people after drinking tea from ancient and modern times, remaindering to be cautious after nearly drunk” organized by State Key Lab, AHAU and international cooperation and communication office of AHAU.

Activities are divided into tea art performance, interactive communication and development knowledge of tea science. Tea art specialist Lin Li, the undergraduate of 2012 tea science, showed the tea culture of luan GuaPian tea. After the performance, German students showed great interest on Chinese tea and Chinese tea art and culture, and asked many questions. Wenqian Jiang answered the questions from visiting students and made concise introduction for the Qimen black tea and six major tea categories to let the visiting summer campers happily know the basic Chinese tea processing, drinking art and culture.


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