On January 14, 2016, Professor Qingrong Huang of the Department of Food Science of the State University of New Jersey of Rutgers was invited to lab for academic visit and exchanges.He delivered a speech named “Improving the Stability and Absorption of Tea Polyphenols through Nanoencapsulation”. During the meeting, professor Huang introduced the nano embedding technology of the natural active substances, the stability of nano embedding substances, and the evaluation methods of bioavailability. Then, he showed their team's research progress in preparation of the tea polyphenol nano microcapsule and biological activity evaluation in detail. Furthermore, Huang made a prospect for the challenges and development of nano functional food, and he also had interactive communication with teachers and students who attended this meeting.

    After the meeting, professor Huang visited PI laboratory and public technology platform in the lab accompanied by Daxiang Li, the Vice-Dean of College of Food & Tea Science, and did in-depth conversation about further cooperation with Zhengzhu Zhang, the Dean of College of Food & Tea Science and Hong Jang, the Director of international exchange and cooperation department.


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