From the April to September 2015, supporting by the grant of “Anhui Major Demonstration Project for Leading Talent Team on Tea Chemistry and Health” and “High-end foreign experts project of State Foreign Experts Bureau”, some famous scientist including Professor Chi-Tang Ho, Chung-Shu Yang of Rutgers University, USA, Professor Zijian Xie of Marshall University, USA, Professor Henry Thompson of Colorado State University, USA, and Professor Sanghoon Ko of Sejong University, Korea visited the State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization for weeks.
The visiting scientists and the Lab’s scientists proceeded communication and discussion in terms of Laboratory scientific researches, talent cultivation, team construction, international communication and the long-term development program in depth. Some important consensus were attained on the future focus of ongoing cooperation researches, cooperation application on research project, the co-cultivation and communication for young researchers and graduate students and accelerating the internationalization of Tea Laboratory.
During the visiting, a workshop of leading talent groups, ten academic reports and four lectures in English were conducted. Some visiting scientists were also invited to visit the co-operation base for academic research and tea garden for training and experiment, and some visiting scientists were served as the defense experts for the doctoral dissertation defence of Doctor Candidates of tea science. So far, six papers regarding the tea quality chemistry, tea manufacture chemistry and tea for health have been published on the SCI journals.

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