From the July 24 to August 22 2015, supporting by the “High-end foreign experts project of State Foreign Experts Bureau” approved in 2015, Professor associate Sanghoon Ko visited the state key lab for the cooperation and communication for one month.

During the visiting, professor Ko gave two academic lectures named “the research progress on the tea and food science & technology in Korea” and “Writing a Research Manuscript Acceptable for SCI Publication” for the teachers and students of State Key Lab and tea & food school. Some cooperation works came to an agreement on the international cooperation project application, training of young teachers and graduate student cooperation between State Key Lab and Korea Sejong University.

Sejong University located in the Seoul city, is one of South Korea's comprehensive key universities. Food school of Sejong university has a strong scientific research strength. It is one of the few colleges and universities which have been funded by the Korean BK21 project. Professor Associate Ph.D Sanghoon Ko graduated from the university of Wisconsin of the United States. He majors in the nano-food processing technology research. He served as the editor in-chief of “journal of food science and industry” of Korean food institute of science and technology, and center advisory committee of nanotechnology and the national nanotechnology safety evaluation of Korean Food and Drug Administration. His food nanotechnology laboratory renowned in the field of international food nanotechnology researches.

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