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Key Laboratory of Tea Biochemistry & Biotechnology (LTBB)
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     With the approval of Ministry of Agriculture, Key Laboratory of Tea Biochemistry & Biotechnology (LTBB) was established in 1997, sponsored by both Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and Anhui Province. Now, it is also the Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education (MOE) and the cultivated base the State Key Laboratory.

     LTBB originated from and depended on the tea science discipline of Anhui Agricultural University, which found in 1939 at Fudan University and moved to Anhui Agricultural University in 1952. LTBB is now the only one of ministry-sponsored key laboratories specialized in Tea Science among Chinese universities, and is accredited to granting degrees of Master, Ph.D.and Post-doctoral . Prof. Xiao-chun Wan, president of Anhui Agricultural University, is appointed as the director of LTBB, Prof. Zong-Mao Cheng, Academician of Sciences, is named the director of Academic Committee, and Prof.  Zheng-zhu Zhang are appointed as the vice-director of LTBB. The KLIBB has full-time staff of 30, managements and technicians of 4, including 14 professors and 6 vice-professors. Among the staff 17 researchers are doctors, and 13 persons have studied abroad.
With the co-supports of MOA, MOE, MOST, Anhui Province and Anhui Agricultural University, the LTBB has undertaken a series of key scientific research projects, such as Natural Science Foundation Projects, State key-task Projects, State Climbing Program, State Spark Program and some International Collaborative Projects. 86 Master and doctorates have been trained, 21 Opening Foundation projects of LTBB have been accomplished, series of research achievements have been obtained with our independent intellectual property rights, more than 320 academic papers have been published in national and international journals. Now LIBB has become one of the most vigorous bases for training talent researchers and scientists specialized in tea science in China.

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