Address: School of Tea and Food Science, Anhui Agricultural University, West Changjiang Road, Hefei, 230036, Anhui, P. R. China

Professional Title: PhD, Professor

Administrative Post: Vice President of AHAU

Telephone: (86)551 65786003

Fax: (86)551 65785833


Brief Biography

Professor Xia, primarily engaged in the teaching and research on the development of natural products, is currently a professor, doctoral supervisor and vice-president of AHAU. He served as vice dean and later dean of School of Light Industry, dean of School of Tea and Food Science, director of the Chinese Tea Culture Institute. Prof. Xia has been elected as discipline and technology leader in Anhui Province, university discipline top-notch talent in Anhui Province, chief expert of tea industry technology system in Anhui Province, director of Tea Processing Sub-Center of National Agricultural Product Processing Technology Research Center, main academic backbone of the national teaching team of tea science, “Changjiang Scholars and Innovation Teams” of the Ministry of Education in China and “115” industrial innovation team in Anhui Province.

Research Interests

Tea Processing Technology and Key Equipment Research and Development

Tea Flavor Chemistry

Tea and Natural Plant Product Deep Processing and New Product Development

Mechanism and Regulation of Catechins

Professional Activities

Discipline and Technology Leader in Anhui Province

University Discipline Top-Notch Talent in Anhui Province

Chief Expert of Tea Industry Technology System in Anhui Province

Director of the Tea Processing Sub-Center of National Agricultural Product Processing Technology Research Center

Main Academic Backbone of the National Teaching Team of Tea Science

Main Academic Backbone of “Changjiang Scholars and Innovation Team” of the Ministry of Education in China

Main Academic Backbone of “115”Industrial Innovation Team in Anhui Province


Prof. Xia, as a key member of the national tea science teaching team, presided over the provincial excellent course Tea Tasting and Testing, lectured the national quality video open course Charm of Chinese Tea, and participated in the construction of the national level excellent course Tea Biochemistry, provincial excellent course Tea Manufacture and Tea Biochemistry. Prof. Xia is the editor in chief of the teaching material series Tea Culture, History of Chinese Tea, national unified textbook of12th Five-Year Plan Tea Manufacture for agricultural universities and colleges. He also edited and published Chinese Green Tea and Deep Processing of Tea, and compiled the national key textbook Tea Evaluation and Inspection for agricultural universities and colleges, which won Excellent Teaching Material Award of Agricultural Universities and Colleges. Prof. Xia presided over and participated in a number of national and provincial education and research projects. He has authored four monographs, 26 research papers, and 16 authorized invention patents to date. So far, Prof. Xia has supervised 30 masters, 13 doctorates and 2 postdoctoral students.

Honors and Awards

Prof. Xia has scored 21 research achievements, whose research has earned him one second prize and one third prize of the Provincial Teaching Achievement Award of Higher Education, as well as the first, second and third prizes of the scientific and technological progress awards at provincial, ministerial and national levels.

Selected Publications

1. Green Tea in China, China Light Industry Press, 2006.

2. History of Chinese Tea, Anhui Education Press, 2008.

3. Tea Evaluation and Inspection (Fourth Edition), China Agriculture Press, 2010.

4. Tea Deep Processing, China Light Industry Press, 2011.

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