Research area 1 Physiological ecology and germplasm resourcescreation of tea plant
The research centered on the creation and application of tea plantgermplasm resources, and aimed for innovating the high-quality germplasm and providing quality raw materials
1Ecological and physiological research of tea plant
2The creation and application researchoftea plantgermplasm resources
3Research ofgenomics and functional genomics
4Collection and identificationof tea plantgermplasm resources
Research area 2. Secondary Metabolism and Chemical Quality
The research primarily focused on main characteristic secondary metabolites in the field of the biosynthetic pathway, transform regulation and the effect of tea processing.
(1) The Mechanism of Tea Plant Secondary Metabolism
(2) Secondary Metabolism Engineering of Tea Plant
(3) Tea Qualitic Chemistry
(4) Tea Natural Products Chemistry
Research area 3: Tea health function and mechanism
Key research areas is to explore the new health function and the absorption and transformation mechanism in the human body of tea characteristic ingredients in order to provide theoretical basis for expanding the utilization of tea plant resources.
(1) Tea health function and its mechanism
(2) Safety evaluation of tea functional components
Research area 4: Tea Quality-and–Safety & Tea Processing-and-Utilization
(1) Tea Processing Technique and Technology
(2) Tea Quality & Safety Control
(3) Tea Comprehensive Utilization

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