Tea science in Anhui Agricultural University is a leading teaching and research program in China. The tea science program was established in 1939 at Fudan Universityand moved to Anhui Agricultural University in 1952. The founders were Professors Zenong Wang and Chuan Chen who were two pioneers of tea sciences in China. In 2003, it was selected by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, as one candidate of the province and ministry co-founded state key laboratory. For 12-year continuous improvement, it was officially approved as  “State Key Laboratoryof Tea Plant Biology and Utilization” in January, 2015, and was supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Government of Anhui Province.

The key laboratory has been a leading laboratory in the fields of tea science research and  technology innovationfor tea industry. The key laboratory has 65 regular faculties , including 27 full professors, 20  doctoral tutors; and mostof them had experiences of studying and researching in developed countries.

The key laboratory has 4 research interests as following: Physiological Ecology and Germplasm Innovation of Tea Plant, Metabolism and Quality Chemistry of Tea , Health Beneficial Effect and Mechanism of Tea, Tea Quality & Safety and Tea Processing & Utilization, which are all focused on basic scientific researches and its applications.

The key laboratory has 12,000 laboratory spaceand  96 million RMB research facilities. The key laboratoryhas established 8 facilities centers, which are Center for Genomics, Center for Metabolomics, Center for Proteomics ,Center for Cell Biology, Center for Physiology and Nutrition, Center for laboratory Animals, Center for Tea Quality Control, and Center Tea Processing.

In the past five years, the tea laboratory has funded by more than  90 research project, including national keytechnology R&D program of China, key project of 973 , international cooperation foundation, national natural sciencefoundation of China, and revitalization project for Anhui tea industry.

Also, tea laboratory has earned numerous award, including: Science and Technology Innovation Team of Anhui Province, 2006; 115 Industry Innovation Team of Anhui Province, 2008; Changjiang Scholars and Innovative-Research-Team  Ministry of Education of China, 2011; Top 10 Outstanding Industries Team of Anhui Province, 2013 and National Outstanding of Professional Team, 2014.

Our state key laboratory researches focus on the innovation of tea science and technology, meet the national mid-long term development needs for tea industry. The goals of our laboratory are try to provide new solutions for scientific and technical issues of tea science, pursue innovation researches and cultivate high-level talent team for the development of tea industry in China,.

Our laboratory is opening positions for high-level talents world wide, with background of Genetics and Breeding Of Tea Plant, Genomics of Plant, Secondary Metabolites of Plant, Natural Products Chemistry of Plant, Tea Processing and Quality Control , and Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome. The research interests will cover Germplasm andUtilization of Tea Resources, Genomics of Tea Plant, Physiological Ecology of Tea Plant , Processing Chemistry andQuality control Of Tea and Tea for Health.

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